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As with all hardware maintenance is a necessary in order to get the maximum return on your investment. We provide maintenance in the following areas.

Projectors and Interactive hardware- We can provide maintenance on either a contact basic where a monthly fee is charged and we call out once a month to clean filters check bulb hours and make sure all associated software and drivers are up to date. This is a great way to keep an check on all systems and avoids any unexpected bill as when we complete a maintenance call on a system a report will be generated giving details on the following

1. System details (serial number, projector and board model numbers)

2. Bulb Hours. We take a read from each projector of the hours done on the bulb and can give an estimate of the hours remaining on it, giving you plenty of time to budget for it.

3. Driver and software. We will check that all software and drivers are up to date. And note if we have updated any and to what version

4. Once a year deep clean and optical clean– After a few years use you will notice the image is gone very dull and a lot of pink blotches on the screen this means its time for an optical clean. This is where we take the projector completely apart and remove all dust gone through the projector, we also then take all the optics inside of the unit and give them a clean, this not only brings the image to back like new it helps the projector run cooler and usually makes the projector seem quieter as the fans do not have to run as fast to keep the unit cool.